Wentworth Estate main lake in Winter
HomeInformationWentworth Estate Contractors Working Rules
A.        No demolition, construction work or deliveries may take place outside the hours of 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays, and at any time on Sundays and Public holidays.  Noisy and disruptive site works, for example, groundworks, digging out of a basement and other works associated with site preparation shall be prohibited on Saturday Mornings.
B.      Contractor Gardeners are to adhere to these working hours (as above) when using machinery e.g. Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Chainsaws and Hedge Cutters, etc.,
The Roads on the Estate are narrow and neither built nor laid out to public road specifications.
C.        Steel tracked vehicles of any kind are prohibited from Estate Roads.
D.        Contractors should not use 5 or 6 axle vehicles.
E.         No contractor’s vehicles or building materials or refuse skips are to be parked or deposited on the road.
Verges are the property of Wentworth Estate Roads Committee.
F.         Parking is prohibited on all estate verges.
G.        Verges shall not be used for the storing of building materials or rubbish.
H.        No skips are to be placed on verges.
I.          No notice board or sign is to be erected on any verge.
J.         Any damage to verges in the vicinity of the development must be repaired within one week of its occurrence.
K.         All vehicles leaving site must be cleaned to prevent mud or other materials being deposited on the Estate roads. Any mud on the roads must be removed daily.
L.         Contractors must at all times cause the least possible nuisance to the neighbourhood.  Noise (including radios) must be minimised and the spread of dust controlled by watering
M.        No Fires are allowed on site.
N.        No delivery or collection of material or plant is to take place outside the working hours set out in A above.