Wentworth Estate main lake in Winter
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The Wentworth Estate Roads Committee consists of the following six elected residents:

              John Wisbey (Chairman) became Chairman in February 2017 after joining the Committee in April 2016. He started his career as a banker at Kleinwort Benson after graduating from Cambridge University. He had various roles there including being responsible for the bank’s lending to Hong Kong and Asian property developers for four years and later a director in the swap group. More recently he has been a technology entrepreneur founding two companies that have gone public on AIM IDOX plc (software for Local Authority Planning Applications) and Lombard Risk Management plc (software for risk management and regulation). He has lived on the Wentworth Estate since 1993 and is a member of the Wentworth Club.

            Kirill Klip was elected to the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee at the Wentworth Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting in February 2015. He has been a resident of the Wentworth Estate for over 10 years.  He is a tennis member of the Wentworth Club, and was Tennis and Health Captain in 2016. He is an investor in private and public companies in the metals and mining sectors across Canada, Ireland, Argentina and the U.S.

          Alexander Howard I have an interest in the responsible improvement and development of the Estate. It shouldn’t be stuck in a time warp nor rush headlong into a new era where the Covenants and restrictions, that make this Estate what it is, are cast aside.  I believed in taking a measured approach that has the buy in of all stake holders, which for the Estate, includes Wentworth Golf Club, developers, local businesses and of course the residents.

I have the time, interest and energy to devote to being an active and unbiased member of the WERC working for the respectful and sustainable improvement of the Wentworth Estate and its environment.

            Patrick Martensson is a director of companies engaged in hi-tech electronics, software and property. He has an LLB in Law & European Law from Warwick University and has been a practising solicitor since 1991. He has lived in Virginia Water with his wife and three children since 1995 and on the estate since 2003. Patrick has been a T&H member of the Wentworth Club since 1994.

            Tariq Rafique was elected to the Roads Committee at the Wentworth Residents Association’s Annual General Meeting in February 2015. He is a private equity investor. Previously, he had been a senior executive with two leading investment banks in New York and London. He and his wife have lived on the Estate with their two sons since 1999. 

          Taji Zadeh I have been living with my family in the Virginia Water area since 1999 and moved to Lake House on the estate in 2009.   We all became a member of the Tennis and Health Club in 1999 and I was elected Tennis and Health Captain in 2006.  We joined the Golf Club in 2007 and myself and my family use the clubs facilities regularly.

I am very passionate about Wentworth and strongly believe that it should retain its status as a prime residential area and with so much happening with the new owners of the club and very unwelcome development’s in the Virginia Water area, I believe the WERC and the WRA should work very closely together to improve accountability and good governance for the residents.

I am the owner and Executive Chairman of a local company which employs over 1,500 people in the UK and has been in operation for 20 years.  I am also involved with commercial and residential properties.



In addition, the Committee employs staff consisting of an Estate manager,  Office Manager and a Maintenance Team of three full time and one part-time employees.

             James Periton who qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1997, has been the Estate Manager since 2008. Prior to his appointment he spent 15 years with a local property company specialising in all aspects of residential property. He reports to the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee regarding maintenance and planning applications for developments on the Estate. Over two spells he has lived in Virginia Water for over 35 years.

             Sharon Jones was appointed Office Manager for the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee in 2007 and is responsible for road rate collection, accounts and administration along with the day to day running and enquires. Her career has encompassed many aspects of business administration. Sharon also lives locally in Virginia Water with her husband and two daughters.


               Maintenance Team

               Chris Drewitt - Estate Foreman

               Steve Edwards and Joe Bridger - Estate Maintenance

               Graham Plant - Estate Maintenance