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WERC Half Year Report
Soon after the AGM in February, the WERC (the “Committee”) pledged to openness, transparency and even-handedness.  It drafted, discussed and adopted a Code of Conduct for its members and employees.  It also created a new Policy for Tenders, which would be used to call for tenders for the various contracts relating to purchase and maintenance, contributing to the cost-effectiveness of the Committee’s activities.

The Statutory meeting is held about four times a year, and Planning meetings are held every six weeks or so.  The approved minutes are posted on the website within a week of the meeting.  Residents are invited to browse these minutes so that they are kept up-to-date on the Committee’s activities

The Chairman of this Committee and the Chairman of the WRA meet informally and frequently so that the two organisations which have different roles are able to work closer together in fulfilling their responsibilities to their common objective, you, the residents of the Estate.  To date, this Committee and the Executive Committee of the WRA have met once to further the working relationship between the two organisations.
The Committee has continued its programme of road resurfacing.  This year it upgraded Firwood Road, the remainder of North Drive, and also Gorse Hill Lane.  We are committed to this programme on a rotating basis, with priority to the current needs.  The verges have been maintained to a high standard and the bridge on West Drive has received a much-needed face-lift.

The Committee granted Vodafone a licence to erect a mobile mast, which is discreet, and would improve Vodafone and O2 coverage in the Lower Wentworth South area, and possibly a wider section of the Estate.  Improvement to broadband speed should result from the work now being carried out by BT Infinity.  Both projects are expected to be completed this autumn.
We have commenced a three-month trial of increased security on the whole Estate.  Knight Security Services are now covering the Estate 24/7 with the night security including a foot patrol combined with a dog patrol.  We hope that these efforts would ensure the low crime rate on the Estate, and contribute to your peace of mind.  After review, if the trial is deemed successful, it is likely that we would provide this level of security on a permanent basis.  As always, if you have concerns about suspicious vehicles, unauthorised parking, and indeed any activity you view as unusual or suspicious, you may get in touch with the security guard on 07825 807998.

In addition to this increased security, we are responsive to the issue of gating voiced by residents The Committee has studied in detail, the results of the review in 2005, and welcomed a presentation by Mel Few, a former Chairman of WRA, and now a Councillor and Cabinet member in Surrey Council.  We have had helpful discussion with a firm that specialises in automatic gate installation on Estates.  It is vital to utilise all technological advances to consider a way forward for Wentworth, especially with its 18 entrances.  We have talked about the security with the Police, and have scheduled a combined meeting with the Police and the Highways Authority.  We plan to have discussions with the Emergency services.  We may seek an integrated approach and a formal report from Consultants.

Further information on all the initiatives will soon be available to you on demand as the website is being upgraded after months of work and deliberation.  We expect to go “live” during September.  Please ensure that you follow the updated website for all the latest Wentworth news.

We are here for you.
Sunil Liyanage, Chairman

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