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Cannons Security Patrol



We are pleased to announce Cannons Security started patrolling the Estate from the 1st March with a new and improved coverage. Cannons Security  will now patrol the Estate 24/7 with dedicated liveried vehicles and guards – some of whom are ex-military.

We encourage you to have their mobile number to hand or in your phone and contact them should you see anything of concern or

suspicious 07899 984 272 or the 24/7 landline 0208 699 9800.


Cannons Security will be undertaking random Traffic Checkpoints mainly at Estate entrances where the guards will stop any car not displaying a 'R' resident badge. If you do not have one of these they are available from the Estate Office (01344 842819). A note of your registration will be required. We encourage you to display a 'R' badge on all vehicles registered to your address. 
Club members (not residents) should also display their members badge and should use Wentworth Drive only.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


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