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PGA Negotiations Settled

PGA European Tour

I am delighted to be able to inform you that we have settled the legal action with the Wentworth Club and the PGA European Tour. We felt, as did the overwhelming body of residents, that while we strongly welcomed the annual PGAET tournament, the amount previously being paid to WERC of around £15,000 p.a. did not adequately compensate the community for the use of our roads and related disruption. There were also other issues around the multiple activities associated with the Tournament and the Wentworth Club’s improvement of its golf courses that we believed required WERC approval, even though such approval had not been obtained in previous years. More details were given at the AGM on the improved contractual framework that we have been able to put in place with the Wentworth Club and the PGA European Tour as well as the significant increase in the financial contribution being received from the Wentworth Club. This contribution should allow WERC for the next ten years to keep rises in the road rate to a lower level than would otherwise have been the case, as well as being able to spend more on the maintenance of our beautiful Estate.


I would like to thank road rate payers and other residents alike for their patience. This has been a significantly complicated legal case, and our lawyers’ strong advice was not to break the obligation of confidentiality to the other parties while the litigation was still ongoing, or do anything that would prejudice our own case. If that created any perception of secretiveness on the part of WERC, I can only apologise, but the reality is that we were keen to communicate but simply couldn’t take the risk on behalf of residents of jeopardising the legal case.


We hope and believe that this settlement will be a turning point in restoring good relations between residents and the Wentworth Club and the PGA European Tour. Most of you who we have talked to found this year’s tournament and the concerts to be excellent, and we had very few complaints.

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