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Planning Fees:
A contribution toward the administrative costs incurred in processing a planning application is assessed based on development type as follows:

AREA A - Type of Development                                     Fee
New Dwelling with Basement                                         £750.00
New Dwelling, Large extensions
and Outbuildings >40m² including
Covered Pool and Double/Triple Garages                     £500.00
Small extensions, Single Garages and
 <40m² including Open Pools,
Tennis Courts, and amendments to
WERC Approved Planning Applications                        £250.00
Minor alterations, Gates and Piers
and Porches                                                                  £150.00

Development Fee and Repair Deposit
The Estate roads were not designed to handle modern construction traffic. Consequently, all developments result in some wear and tear to the Estate roads, bridges and verges. Applicants will be required (prior to commencement) for a Development Fee to offset such general damage and accelerated wear and tear, based on the size and composition of the proposed development. In addition, applicants will be required to lodge a damage Deposit with WERC before work begins on any site. This deposit will reflect an estimate of the likely damage to the area surrounding the works, based on the nature and scale of the project. The deposit will be returned on completion of the project after the contractors and/or applicant repair all specific damage to the roads and verges in the immediate area of the site.
Wayleave Charges
If the position of an existing driveway is changed, a wayleave charge of £500 will be levied.
ADOPTED ROADS - AREA B which include Trumps Green Area, *Morella Close, *Trotsworth Avenue, Waterfall Close, London Rd & Shrubbs Hill ONLY - We suggest you seek RBC approval before you submit to WERC
New Dwelling and Large extensions
>40m²                                                                           £350.00
Extensions <40m²                                                        £175.00
Amendments to plans already approved                     £250.00
*Morella Close and Trotsworth Avenue will pay a small development fee <40m² £500.00 / >40m² £1000.00 as they cross over the private roads on the Estate


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