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All properties on the Wentworth Estate are subject to a number of covenants designed to maintain the character of the Estate.  The Wentworth Estate Roads Committee is empowered to enforce these covenants by the Wentworth Estate Act 1964.  Consequently, all building works and alterations or modifications of existing buildings require the consent of the Committee.  This applies even if the work is “permitted development” under the planning regulations of the Runnymede Borough Council, exempting it from the need for council approval.  The approval of the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee for all works on the Wentworth Estate is in addition to, and independent of, any approval required or not required by Runnymede Borough Council.

The application process adopted by the Committee is similar in many respects to the one utilised by Runnymede Borough Council.  Applicants submit an application form, drawings and specified supporting documents to the Wentworth Estate Office (see Application Form and Info tab).  A fee for the administrative costs incurred in processing the application is required (see Planning & Building Fees tab *note new fees from 1st Jan 2017).  Notice letters regarding the project are then sent to neighbours, inviting their comments on the proposal.  The application is then considered by the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee at a scheduled planning meeting, held approximately every six weeks.

It shall be a condition of the Committee's approval to enter into a Deed of Agreement prior to commencement to agree to conform with the Estate Working Rules. If the property is on a private road owned and maintained by the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee then at commencement the applicant is required to pay a Development Fee and lodge a deposit. This is calculated depending on the size and nature of the proposal.

Upon completion the property is inspected to confirm it has been built to the approved plans, if all is satisfactory a Formal Approval certificate is issued along with stamped approved plans and any monies. In accordance with the Act 1964 and the Statutory Instrument the property will be reassessed for the Net Rateable Value which in turn will increase the annual road rate.

The Committee has established planning guideline which set out general principles for new buildings and extensions. A copy of these general planning guidelines, application forms, fee scale, and a checklist of required submission materials can be downloaded from this website.  A detailed explanation of the required submission materials and a discussion of considerations for the construction process are also available.  Applicants for WERC planning consent and/or their advisors are encouraged to meet with Committee representatives for informal discussions about proposed development schemes before a formal application is submitted.  This can be arranged by contacting the Estate Office on 01344 842819, by email at or via the Contact Us link on this website.


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