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Wentworth Residents Association
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In order to fairly, impartially and diligently implement the provisions of the Wentworth Estate Act 1964 (the “Act”), the following Code of Conduct is adopted by the members of the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee (the “Committee”) for its members (“Members”) and designated employees (“Employees”).

 A.  Professional Conduct

1. Members and Employees shall fully inform themselves of those statutes, guidelines, procedures and policies necessary to perform their duties as prescribed in the Act.
     2. Each Member, and each Employee when so requested by the Chairman of the Committee, shall make his best efforts to attend all meetings and shall be prepared to address the business prescribed for each such meeting. If it becomes clear to any Member that he is unable to carry out effectively his duties on the Committee, such Member shall tender his resignation to the Committee and his position shall be filled in accordance with the Act.
      3. Each Member and Employee shall perform his duties under the Act fairly, impartially and diligently. Each shall engage with each other and with all having dealings with the Committee in a reasonable and professional manner.

Transparency and Confidentiality

     1. In order to assure transparency in Committee activities, each Member and Employee shall assist the Committee in maintaining a fair and accurate record of the Committee’s activities and in publishing as soon as practical issues of general impact or interest and the Committee’s activities with regard thereto.

     2. In order to safeguard privacy of those involved where the issues are of limited and personal impact or interest, no Member or Employee shall disclose information acquired in the course of his activities in relation to Committee business for any purpose unrelated to the functioning of the Committee.

C.  Integrity and Impartiality

     1. Each Member and Employee shall avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety, and conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest through their conduct and activities whether personal or professional, in order to maintain public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the Committee. Each shall affirmatively pursue those activities necessary to promote public trust in the Committee and its undertakings.
      2. No Member or Employee shall allow family, social, political, financial or other relationships to influence his conduct or judgment or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence any Member or Employee or any Committee decision.
     3. Each Member and Employee shall declare to the Committee any interest, directly or indirectly, in a matter that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Committee, and thereafter, if the Committee so recommends, shall recuse themselves from proceedings in relation thereto.
      4. Members and Employees shall not directly or indirectly through their families or households engage in any commercial transactions or business with the Committee, without full disclosure to and the approval of the Committee and implementation of applicable tender policies.



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Wentworth Residents Association
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